Back Pain is No Joke – A Spinal Pain Specialist Can Help

Posted on: April 16, 2018

Visiting a spinal pain specialist is one of the best decisions you can make. Back pain is no joke. It can truly be debilitating and make it difficult for a person to walk, sit or even stand without experiencing serious discomfort. There is no need to live like this when we can provide treatments that are designed to reduce and eliminate this pain.

Better than medication

Seeking treatment in our office is better than taking prescription pain medication and here is why – pain medication only serves to mask the problem. Pain medication does not remove the pain but only numbs it for a few hours. Too many patients go to this as their primary method for treating back pain because they do not realize there is an option to actually improve their spinal health rather than simply reducing their pain.

Our approach is to treat the root cause of the problem, rather than masking it. Therefore, we review all available treatment options instead of merely prescribing pain medication.

Noninvasive treatment solutions are available from the spinal pain specialist

Another benefit to visiting our office for help is that we treat pain in noninvasive ways. Visiting a spinal surgeon is likely to result in a recommendation of surgery. Visiting a general physician or family doctor is likely to result in a recommendation of expensive tests and pain medication.

Visiting our office will result in a spinal pain treatment that is noninvasive, effective and affordable. Truly, we have the best solution for treating back pain. This is because it is the focus of our medical practice, rather than simply one aspect of it. Since our treatment is noninvasive, it is safe for people who are struggling with other health problems.

Our treatment is also beneficial for people who may not do well with the trauma of an invasive procedure or surgery. For example, someone with diabetes may not be healthy enough to undergo surgery but they can certainly visit our office for help and ongoing treatment. This makes our treatment popular among patients of all ages and varying levels of health. In fact, we can even treat children in our office.

Our treatments work independently and as part of a comprehensive treatment plan

We want patients to know that we can treat them independently of other physicians or we can work in tandem, providing patients with a comprehensive treatment that is going to provide fantastic results for reducing or eliminating back pain. We may also recommend that patients undergo physical therapy, try massage therapy or use other alternative therapies to help reduce the discomfort. Our goal is to help our patients recover with our recommendations on the most effective ways to do so.

Learn about our treatment options

An effective way to discover what we can do to improve your spinal health and comfort is to visit our office. We recommend giving us a call and scheduling an appointment with a spinal pain specialist today.