Discover Why Chiropractor Care Could Be Right for You

Posted on: May 16, 2018

Patients often wonder if they should seek chiropractic care, or if they should just stick with the traditional doctor whom they currently visit. It is important to note that truly effective chiropractic care comes from healthcare professionals who focus specifically on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system.

Patients who visit a chiropractor on a regular basis will recommend this specific type of care for a number of reasons. As somebody who is possibly looking to find a chiropractor and wants to feel their best, here are a few reasons for seeking chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is safe

Since its inception, chiropractic care is one of the safest therapies available if a patient is suffering from any neuromuscular skeletal issues such as problems with their back, pain in the neck/joints or even recurring headaches. Chiropractic care is so safe that different providers, including general practitioners, will often make recommendations

Chiropractic treatment is extremely safe. However, it is important to note that it is more likely to experience some soreness or mild pain after the chiropractic treatment adjustment. Fortunately, the soreness will dissipate fairly quickly. The chiropractor is going to help to adjust the muscles and ligaments in such a way that they remain in proper alignment. The soreness will result from the muscles, bones and ligaments moving in different ways. Therefore, there may be some soreness, which is typically gone within 24 hours.

Chiropractic is incredibly effective for treating pain

As a patient in pain, chiropractors are able to treat the pain with some of the most effective results of any medical field. Whether it is an acute low back pain, in which there is evidence to suggest that chiropractic treatment is an effective treatment for this event or if it is chronic neck pain. Many patients report that after the first consultation, they begin to feel a decrease in the pain.

The evidence continues to mount proving that chiropractic care is extremely effective for treating pain. Spinal adjustments are one of the most effective and holistic ways that a patient can deal with pain in the back, in the neck, headaches, including migraines, and for any number of other ailments.

This treatment is not invasive and holistic

When the patient goes to the doctor with neck, back or headache pain they are more likely than not going to be given a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug for this pain. With an ongoing concern, in the medical community and society in general, about the overuse of pain medication, holistic remedies like chiropractic care continue to gain prominence.

For patients who do not want external substances in the body, seeking out a more holistic treatment option is a natural fit. Chiropractic has none of the risks associated with chemical medicines, bed rest or surgery and is an excellent alternative for people who are looking for a more holistic way to heal.

Chiropractic care is less expensive.

As the patient takes a look at the long list of items that often show up on medical bills, many people are surprised to find that half or more of the charges are simply for diagnostic procedures and not for actual treatment or pain relief. Medical doctors and physical therapists tend to rely on things like referrals, prescriptions, MRI, CT scans and even hospitalization.
On the other hand, the majority of chiropractic expenses come from in-office treatment whereas less than 10% of the cost comes from diagnostics. Diagnostics in a chiropractic setting typically involves final x-rays. As a result, a patient is going to pay a great deal less to get pain relief and in a more effective and quick manner.

Not convinced?

It is understandable that many patients are skeptical about the ability to deal with pain simply by manipulating body parts. However, chiropractic care has proven to be highly effective to the point where we invite anybody suffering from chronic neckache, backache, headaches or other ailments to come in and have a first session to see how effective chiropractor treatment can be. Call today to schedule your initial appointment.